There was a time...  

 John Salicco 
Historical Impersonator, Writer and Musician


John Quincy Adams:
An American Citizen*
Time frame: 1842

The 49er:
A Gold Run Musicianer:
Time frame: 1850's

The Banjo:
An American Gypsy*
Time frame: 19th Century


Jacques Portier:
Old Nor'Wester
Time frame: 1830's

The Great Depression:
How do you spell relief?
Time frame: 1930's


Story Telling


    Fort Nisqually
 Seminar Series

Monthly Schedule


Customized Content in Support of a Specific Event

From the American Colonial Era on through to the 1960's, if you are looking for customized content in support of a specific historical event or area of study, please contact us.  We can adjust existing presentations or create new ones from the ground up.  We also do half or full day workshops to help staff and volunteers develop their first person living history skills.  Please call us for details.

Other than straight history, we can also do a combination of music and or story telling in the old 19th Century American folklore traditions.  Beyond the scope of straight history portrayal, John Salicco has a large repertoire of stories including French Canadian and Native American traditions. 

Our musical presentations are equally flexible.  Though we specialize in music from 19th Century America, we can prepare a customized program or folk music workshop for your class, assembly or other gathering.  Please contact us for details.

Please allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for preparation of a customized presentation.  Actual preparation time depends upon the nature of the material and additional research required.  Travel reimbursement in the State of Washington or Oregon is calculated from Tacoma, WA.  In California, travel reimbursement is calculated from Tracy, CA.  For details on our fees, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


For booking information:

email or call 206-497-0049
Write: 3607 Broadmoor Dr NE, Tacoma, WA  98422

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