There was a time...  

 John Salicco 
Historical Impersonator, Writer and Musician


The 49er:
A Gold Run Musicianer
Time frame: 1850's

The Klondike
Tales of a Sourdough
Time Frame: 1898

The Banjo:
An American Gypsy
Time frame: 19th Century

Jacques Portier:
Old Nor'Wester
Time frame: 1830's

The Great Depression:
How do you spell relief?
Time frame: 1930's


Story Telling


There was a time in History
 Seminar Series




Story Telling in the Native American, European or American traditions

By the flickering the flames and sparks of a fire at the end of the day or on a quiet afternoon among friends with nothing more important to do, a good story takes us back to our social beginnings.  There exists an ebb and flow of nuance and expression between narrator and audience.  This is theater in its most intimate form.


From the dark side, in 1850s period attire, John relates Edgar Allan Poe's tale of
 The Premature Burial during Fort Nisqually's 2010 Bonfires, Beaver Pelts and Bogeymen Hallowe'en event.

Photo taken by Gilbert Arias


I can relate any of several tales of American literature and folklore. 

  • The Premature Burial by Edgar Allan Poe
  • A Shooting Match Between Davy Crockett and Mike Fink
  • Mike Fink: The Shooting of the Cup
  • The Saga of Pecos Bill
  • Tales of Paul Bunyan or John Henry

I am happy to provide individual tales of any length or a string of tales in any combination. In addition to American folk tales,  I also tell several stories from the Native American Indian tradition. 

For very young audiences I can do traditional stories from children’s literature such as Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Bean stock, etc..   Please contact me with what you have in mind.

This presentation can be done as a period attired living history persona or in a modern context.  I can tailor my stories for any age group.


This presentation is suitable for elementary through adult audiences.


Fee for this program is $300 + transportation & lodging, if outside the Seattle/ Tacoma, WA area. 

Usual program length is approximately 1 hour.


(For longer performances or multiple performances during an event, please contact me with what you have in mind and we can work something out.)


For booking information:

email or call 206-497-0049
Write: 3607 Broadmoor Dr NE, Tacoma, WA  98422

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